OTH: Rigging a Swell Bridle (Sailing Satori)

/OTH: Rigging a Swell Bridle (Sailing Satori)

OTH: Rigging a Swell Bridle (Sailing Satori)

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Here we go, another episode of “On The Hook!” In this episode, we teach you how to properly use and execute a swell bridle. Thanks to Bruce Van Sant’s book, “The Gentleman’s Guide To Passages South,” we learned how to utilize the swell bridle for rolly anchorages. As we made our way from the Exumas to Turks and Caicos, we found that many of the anchorages we went to were open bay anchorages. This meant we were exposed to the Atlantic Ocean and the swell coming in was no joke. It was darn near impossible to do the simplest of tasks, even just brushing your teeth! Nick quickly referred to Bruce’s book and bam there was the answer, the swell bridle to the rescue! It took us a couple of tries to master it but now we have it down pat. This makes life so much better at a rolly anchorage. We hope you enjoy our video and send us a comment with any questions!

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