We’re Nick & Kelly, an American couple documenting our journey as we sail the world with our dog Arthur…despite no previous sailing experience.

Since 2017 we’ve been filming our adventures as we’ve sailed Florida, The Bahamas, and the Caribbean.

We have had anchors drag, fires onboard, engine failures, water shortages, storms, rough seas, been kicked off horses, crossed rivers on motorbikes, been stranded on our dinghy and explored the most beautiful worlds, above and below the water. Everyday is full of crazy adventures… and we wouldn’t change a thing!

Here you will find all our weekly Vlogs. Each feature episode captures a period of our life onboard Satori. Its kind of like our own little reality show. We show you the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly. In our videos, you will feel like one of the crew as we show you what ots like to live onboard a boat and sail the world.

We also have a series of instructional and “How-To” videos for those wanting to know the gritty details and technical aspects of life for us live-aboards (that is what us boat dwellers call ourselves).

Finally, our written Blog is full of a many useful articles written by us. Videos are a great way to share our lives, but much of what we want to share is better in the written form. From great stories to handy travel tips, product recommendations to pet advise, browse our Blog which is usually coupled with a related video. Often, what we cant fit into the video we will expand on in an article. So be sure to check the notes under each video for additional content and pictures.


We are constantly on the move, sailing from one place to another. Keep up with us in real time on our Facebook and Instagram.


Here we give you inside look into our life, details on the places we visit, and a look at the products we use on a daily basis. Video is great, but some things are better old school style.

Checking into Luperon By Boat

Overview Over the past year Satori and crew has spent a total of more than 6 months in, Luperon and the Dominican Republic. We have cleared into the country [...]