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Ever get your mainsail caught in your lazy jack lines? Here is a simple way to avoid this common problem… with a beautiful girl and a beautiful location.

Thank you so much for taking the time to watch. Nick, Kelly and Arthur


Video Transcript

hey everyone welcome to another episode
of on the hook today we’re going to talk
about a common problem that sailors have
with their
today we’re gonna talk about a common
problem that sailors have with their
lazy jack lines so if you don’t know
lazy Jack lines run on either side of
the boom and they kind of guide the sail
down from the mast down into the boom
and usually into like a stack pack or
some kind of sail cover but not
necessarily a common problem that we
have all the time and I know a lot of
people do is when you hoist that main
sole it gets caught in those lazy jack
lines especially if you have a fully
batted main so like satori does but this
doesn’t have to be a problem we have a
very simple solution and we’re going to
show you right now with the lazy Jack’s
set up the boat typically needs to be
held dead into the wind when raising the
main so this requires one crew member
usually the wife to man the helm while
the husband pulls the halyard to raise
the main if the boat veers off the wind
while fighting the waves or left’s
wildly back and forth a baton and
mainsail will most likely get caught on
the lazy jack lines the result is a lot
of yelling name-calling and possibly
we’re doing this demonstration and in
Anchorage with a strong current the
current is holding satori about 40
degrees off the wind which is a little
exaggerated but great for demonstration
here you see Satori’s lazy jack lines
attached directly to the stack pack as
the mainsails raised off the wind
the first batten easily gets hot you
often don’t even know until after you
give yourself a hernia
here’s the solution before raising the
main soul untie the lazy check lines
from the boom cleat or attachment point
this can even be done at your Anchorage
or before you leave the dock gather the
web of lines and neatly bring them down
near the boom we use our boat hooks
since our center cockpit keeps them out
of reach secure the bunch of lines to a
master boom cleat pull them tight and
cleat them off they should now be out of
the battens reach and clear for hoisting
now even though the wind is at 40
degrees off the bow the main can be
raised without obstruction
now that the main is up we can redeploy
the lazy jack lines some friends should
I turn on the TV
then when you’re ready to drop the mean
the lazy jack lines are there to guide
it down neatly so there you have it
that’s it guys super simple really basic
very simple solution to a very common
problem if you learn something new from
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I still
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