No one said getting a stubborn little king to pee on deck would be easy. Some dogs take to it immediately, some never do. When it comes to Arthur, the struggle is real!

On the bright side, we unveil our brand new 65lb Mantus anchor. This thing has 20lbs on our existing CQR and is a massive hood ornament on the bow of Satori. No more dragging for us!

We also learn a lesson in the reality of a “Man Overheard” scenario. Some things you have to experience before the truth becomes apparent.

Thank you so much for taking the time to watch. Nick, Kelly, and Arthur.

Why we chose the Mantus Anchor

Video Transcription

Intro (How to Potty Train Your Dog)

That’s a toothbrush. Greenies, greenie Tooth. Look, he’s getting excited. I want to know what, what it is that you like about this. Want to try it? Hell no. (How to Potty Train Your Dog)

Potty Training Arthur (How to Potty Train Your Dog)

So, we’re trying to get Arthur to pee on the turf pad and its really, he’s being a. It’s not working. I know people have done this, gotten their dogs to go on deck. We got a little piece of turf from Home Depot. He’s peed on it on the dock, and he did that like once or twice and then just was completely uninterested in it. And I know I gotta be patient but he just uh man, he’s just he’s not getting it. Here, we’re gonna try again. Arthur, Arthur. Oh, there you are, right at my feet. Here you go. Arthur, please. Please Arthur, just pee on it. What are you supposed to do? Come on man. Go pee pee. Go pee pee. Go pee pee. I dunno. No, pee pee. No. Pee. Pee, pee. Come on. Buddy, oh. I’m gonna bring the grass and Arthur up front. Get him to pee on it, give him a treat. Maybe later then he’ll do it on board. Hold on, what’s he doing? What’s he, Oh. Come here. This is good, good. Come Here. Come here, buddy. Good job. Yeah, good job. Good boy. You did so good. (How to Potty Train Your Dog)

Impromptu Man Overboard Drill (How to Potty Train Your Dog)

They say the best kind of boats are the ones your friends own. We don’t get out sailing much on other boats, so it was nice to kick back relax and let Bruce and Sarah do all the work. But this short sail quickly turned into an impromptu man overboard drill when Arthur’s life jacket blew overboard. A quick tack and a tangled jib sheet only added to the excitement. Even though it was bright green and the water was relatively calm, by the time we turned around we had no clue where it was. A clear example of what can happen as we prepare for full-time cruising. (How to Potty Train Your Dog)

The Adventures of King Arthur (How to Potty Train Your Dog)

The Adventures of King Arthur. Look at King Arthur as he is presented with a sample of what is to be the new royal lawn. This patch of turf was hand-delivered to his highness his yacht for his close and detailed inspection. The King knows that such a decision cannot be taken lightly. Full effort must be utilized in his scrutiny. He undergoes a rigorous stress test. Arthur cannot be expected to expel his bladder on just any run of the mill ditch weed. Sensing dissatisfaction his servant goes in for the hard sell, but our king will not stand for anything less than perfection. Crabgrass, hmm. King Arthur cannot hide his disgust, in some kingdoms wasting the King’s time is punishable by death. Today this servant is lucky. Hmm. (How to Potty Train Your Dog)

65-pound Mantus (How to Potty Train Your Dog)

What is that? That is our new anchor. Because we had a problem in the Dry Tortugas, we dragged. A big part of that is I don’t think we had enough scope out, but this anchor sometimes has trouble setting. It might be a little undersized for the amount of cruising we’re gonna do. So, pulled the trigger, 65-pound Mantus. This looks awesome. The other thing we have is a mantas chain hook. So, I just got an old-school chain hook and I kind of made my own snubber but when I put it on it was like I had to zip tie it onto the chain. It was just a pain in the butt, and then we had some issues where we were like I had to get that thing off of there quick. Like when we dragged that first time you know I had to run out there with a scissors or a knife to cut it it’s like forget it. You got this kind of plastic lock here, but the chain goes up in there and slides in then locks in with that. Then you attached this to a nice piece of dock line run that out as a snubber so. I see how excited you are about this anchor. Listen this anchor hopefully means that I’m gonna sleep a lot better and I like to sleep. This thing is rated for like 50 knots of wind, so I mean that’s a wicked storm. It could be at anchor, and this thing is gonna be fine. My guess is that its better the winds over that even so. So, I have two concerns. One, three concerns. Ah, one, is this gonna fit in this bow space? I think it will. An extra 20 pounds on the windlass. I hope we can get this up and over. Third, I hope I can get it up by hand.  I’m sure I can bet it’s a big anchor, it’s a lot of weight.  That’s what I think. I asked her; I said baby you want to put it together? No. Did you hear that? We got a request that you put your bikini on. I want to note it, and it is noted that you made that request in front of your wife. Wow. Simple enough to put together. That is a big-ass anchor. I couldn’t lift that, could I? Oh, you want me to try? Yeah, I want you to Try. Great, break my back. Lift with your legs. Yeah like that. Careful don’t stab Yourself. That’s heavy. Yeah. Oh, look at that. Right up in there. That baby fits. What do you think?  Beautiful, it’s beautiful. (How to Potty Train Your Dog)

Tasting Dog Treats (How to Potty Train Your Dog)

Yesterday Arthur, he peed out there on the spot that I wanted him to. The one I keep bringing him to, but he did it alone when I was down below here. We’re hanging out in the bedroom, and we have, through our windows, you can see the pee pad out there. Is he gonna, do it? Dang it. Look, there he is. He’s peeking. He’s crying. We can’t cave in; then he’ll never do it. Arthur’s stubborn. He wants to. He’s thinking about it. He keeps going over that corner and smelling around. Oh, hi Arthur. Arthur. Just noticed he peed on our jib sheets not a lot though. Where else did he pee? Oh yeah, trail all the way down. Two different kinds of treats Here. What are these? Blue Dog Bakery all-natural soft and chewy. Look, it looks like it has like little gooey center in there. They smell like, they smell awful. They’re kind of sweet. Says grilled chicken and cheese flavor, I taste like apples. There’s no grilled chicken or cheese in that. What’s the other one? Duck flavor? Delightful duck recipe, tiny naturals. It’s got like a little sweetness too. Neither of these are that bad. I mean as far as dog treats go. Oh, you know what he does like though? That’s a toothbrush. Greenies, greenies tooth. Look, he’s getting excited. So. Look you didn’t do anything but pee on the mass today, and now you get a treat. I don’t know that that’s very good training. I want to know what, what it is that you like about this? You want to try it? Hell no. Is it gross? No. Is it minty?  No. It’s kind of little sweetness too. Dried apple pom ace, that’s what I’m tasting. Does this mean I don’t have to brush? Dog treats have come a long way from the old school milk-bone. Mm-hmm. Because those are just like chalk. Yeah, I’ve tried those too. If you’re gonna feed it to the dog, you should at least know what it tastes like. (How to Potty Train Your Dog)