After a couple of weeks in Antigua, it was time to move on to the next island, Guadeloupe. As hurricane season was approaching, we couldn’t spend as much time as we wanted in each spot on the way to Grenada. Nick and I decided to bypass the big Island of Guadeloupe with the exception of stopping in Pigeon for some beautiful snorkeling and heading to Les Saintes for a week. Les Saintes is a small group of islands just south of the main island. It is part of Guadeloupe. As soon as we stepped foot on land, we fell in love. Les Saintes is a quaint little French town with the cutest shops and restaurants. The croissants and coffee were calling our name!

We rented scooters and spent a day with our friends Alex and Kareena exploring the island. It’s not that big so we were able to go around at a slow pace and take our time to see all the sights. In true French style, we ate, drank, and enjoyed life to the fullest. There was even time for an evening of swimming and diving off the boat afterward.

Les Saintes goes on the list for one of our favorite spots in the Caribbean. It would be easy for us to spend months there.