Ep. 13 – “Polar Plunge!” For a Florida girl… (Sailing Satori)

/Ep. 13 – “Polar Plunge!” For a Florida girl… (Sailing Satori)

Ep. 13 – “Polar Plunge!” For a Florida girl… (Sailing Satori)

We fly home to Minnesota to visit with friends and family before we leave our home dock to go cruising!


Nick, Kelly, and Arthur

Video Transcription

Intro (Explore MN)

We’re to go swimming in Lake Superior. The only thought I have is, I’m super nervous. It’s gonna be really cold. Three, two, one, go! Come on, Hanky. Come on. (Explore MN)

Duluth (Explore MN)

We’re on our way to Duluth and we’re gonna go meet our first patron. Russell, Russell the love muscle. After a couple of beers with Russell at Doc’s in Moose Lake, we were back on the road to Duluth to hang out with my buddy Paul. Duluth, Minnesota is Satori’s registered homeport. Though I did live here for eight years, the main reason is that my sailing adventure started here when I answered an ad on Craigslist from a guy looking to trade his 35-foot Coronado for a ski boat. Once in Duluth, we waste no time getting to the local brewpub and goofing off. Going to the brown star. What’s the brown ale? Brown ale? Tug boat brown ale. Pupa brown ale. Pupa. Pupa. Poop butt brown ale. The spin kick. Chasse over there. You have to chasse that way. That doesn’t make any, that’s not even a thing. Do it. Do it. Yes. (Explore MN)

Bucket List (Explore MN)

The next morning it was time to play tourists for a day. First stop, Park Point. On the west shore of Lake Superior, you’ll find a beautiful seven-mile soft sand beach. A great place to spend one of the twelve warm days Duluth experiences each summer. Heading up to the beach. Park Point, Duluth. It’s awesome. Oh, look at this view, absolutely gorgeous out here. We’re gonna take a swim in Lake Superior. It’s nice and sunny now not too warm but that water is never really that warm, even a hot day. Still early in the summer I’m gonna guess water is in the 60s. It’s beautiful. Yeah. It’s gonna be freezing though. You excited to jump in? This is my buddy Paul and Hank. Hank doesn’t mind at all. How’s it feel? Hot. Feels like bath water. Kelly, I don’t think you should feel the water before we. No. No, That’s not a good idea. Just go with the initial shock to the system, I think. Like a band-aid. You ready?  It’s like 65 degrees. It’s freezing cold. Kelly hates cold. So, I’m not gonna let her feel it before we go in there. Just think it’s just like swimming in bath water but the water heater is off. She’s gonna hate it. Bucket list. Bucket list. The only thought I have is I’m super nervous. It’s gonna be really cold. Explain what we’re gonna do. We’re to go swimming in Lake Superior on a warmish summer day like in the 70s. 75 says meteorologist Paul Newberg.  Yeah. All four of us. Yeah. Running it in and we’re dunking. I’m going under. My hair. Yeah, your hair. You don’t have to. I’ll go to here. You do whatever you want. Yeah. You’re your own person. (Explore MN)

Polar Plunge (Explore MN)

Ready? Yeah. Three, two, one, go? Three, two, one, go! Oh! Oh, god that was freezing. Get out of there. My butt got numb.  What do you think Paul? Par for the course. Yeah. Standard. Typical Saturday. Duluthian. Doesn’t care, doesn’t faze him. No big deal, I’ll go back in. You’re a polar plunger though. Yeah. Tell us what the Polar Plunge is. When they cut a chunk of ice open and you jump in that water. Where do they do it, in the back? By the lift bridge. Out here in the lake though or inside? Yeah. Oh, really? Does ice get on Lake Superior in the winter? Yeah, if it’s if it’s cold enough. The last two years not really but yeah, I’ve done the polar plunge twice. The first time they had to cut a hole and we’d jumped in and got a ladder and fireman would help us out. Second year we just ran because there was no ice. What’d you think of that? It was super cold but not as bad as I thought so. Do you want to do it again? No, cross it off the bucket list. Yeah. You swam in the biggest, coldest lake in the world. That’s awesome. I don’t know if it’s the coldest, but it’s f’n cold. Biggest one. And its massive. (Explore MN)

Park Point Duluth, MN (Explore MN)

Technically an island, park point was separated by a man-made canal in 1871. It was reconnected to the city of Duluth with the construction of the aerial lift bridge in 1905. The bridge can open to one hundred thirty-five feet in about a minute and has raised about five thousand times per year. It’s good to know that Satori will have no issues clearing this one. Someday. Enger tower sits atop the Duluth hillside and offers an amazing view of the city. Built in 1939, this monument was blessed by the king and queen of Norway as a dedication to a successful Norwegian born furniture dealer. Either there that’s true our Wikipedia is messing with us. One hundred and five steps to the top puts you five hundred and thirty-one feet above the lake. Only a drone gives a better view. (Explore MN)

Bonfire (Explore MN)

Hi. Hi. Yes, ah, delicious. Once that birch goes, we’re golden. Yeah, that’s good. Birch is the best. Birch can light on fire when its wet. Stumps, I’m putting my lights, solar lights on top. Oh nice. Yup. I’m very proud of that. That’s a Pinterest thing for sure. Right and I’d never, I mean it’s probably on there, but I hadn’t seen it. I thought about it myself. Yeah. (Explore MN)

Arthur’s Song (Explore MN)

Arriba. Para bailar Arturo. Para bailar Arturo. He likes to pee on the sailboat don’t you know? He’s up on the sailboat, he’s got to pee but does not know where to go. He don’t know where to go. So, he goes anywhere he wants to. Ar, Arturo. Ar Arturo. Ar, Arturo. Ar, Arturo. He likes to poop on the boat. He likes to poop on the boat and the dock but never in the grass. He doesn’t like to poop in the grass cuz it gets on his booty. Yeah, it gets on his behind and mama wipes it and he doesn’t like that. Ar, Arturo. Ar, Arturo. (Explore MN)

The Adventures of King Arthur (Explore MN)

The Adventures of King Arthur Look as King Arthur arrives at Prince Louise’s humble cottage. While the king servants are away Arthur will take accommodation with his brother. It seems as though these two are back on good terms. Oh, not again. Please stop before one of you chokes on your own tongue. Won’t you two kiss and make up, well not literally. Oh, give it a rest.

Crosslake, MN (Explore MN)

From Duluth to the Brainerd Lakes, the area that gave Minnesota the famous tag Land of 10,000 Lakes. Here we spent some time with my old man at his cabin in Crosslake. I haven’t been on a jet ski in ten years. Last time I was on a jet ski was in, at the castle in Key Largo. Nice. Yeah. Now you’re at the cabin in Crosslake. Yep. Jump off. No, Jump in. No. That’s a good blooper. Yeah, that’s for Russell. That’s for you buddy. Russell, the love muscle. (Explore MN)

Blue Sun Soda Shop (Explore MN)

One of our good friends and patrons owns a gourmet soda shop near Minneapolis, and we just had to check it out. And these aren’t your run-of-the-mill Shasta pick to pack sodas. Blue Sun soda shop carries over one thousand three hundred soda flavors. This place is awesome. Kickapoo Joy Juice. Swamp Pop. Oh, that’s kick ass. (Explore MN)

Fourth of July (Explore MN)

And to top off our trip an old-school fourth of July barbecue with family. What do I say again? They visit, meaning Nick and Kelly, they visit the happiest place on earth. Say it loud. They visit the happiest place on earth. Yeah. Who knows how to pop and lock? And of course, Kelly can’t go anywhere without having a dance party. Oh, that’s good. (Explore MN)

Back to Florida (Explore MN)

With heavy hearts, we fly back to Florida and pick up our little King. You wanna go? Just a couple of weeks and we’ll be on our way. You wanna go to the boat? You hear him squeaking? You wanna go to the boat? Let’s go. (Explore MN)

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