Ep. 14 – AND WE’RE OFF!… Let the Cruising Begin (Sailing Satori)

/Ep. 14 – AND WE’RE OFF!… Let the Cruising Begin (Sailing Satori)

Ep. 14 – AND WE’RE OFF!… Let the Cruising Begin (Sailing Satori)


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We finally leave our home dock in St. Pete, FL to go cruising!

Nick, Kelly, and Arthur

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Video Transcription

Intro (Cast Off)

When you’re talking about sailors, don’t look on a sailor’s thousand bucks, buy boat and put it there to live on a boat for free, you know. I don’t like to work on a sailboat. You know, always something and they are cheap. (Cast Off)

Sunset Sail (Cast Off)

Look at that; sunset is pretty awesome right now. Michael, fake fall off but really fall off. That was great. That’s actually really good. That was really good. Cheers to friends, new and old, and Sailing Satori. Cheers! Cheers! Can you say it Russian? Let me start over. You can say anything you want, nobody will know. You could say diarrhea in Russian, nobody will know. Can you say diarrhea in Russian? I don’t know if I can. Poop. Wet Poop. Moist Poop. Sailing Satori. Cheers! Cheers! I like that, that was pretty sweet. Yeah. Yeah. You guys are laughing, making me laugh. Nice. Yup. Sounded like a hot fart. Ever see a middle-aged man with my gray hair blow conch? Watch this. One, two, three. Do a real one. (Cast Off)

St. Pete (Cast Off)

It’s a bittersweet feeling as we gear up to leave this amazing city of ours. No matter where we go St. Pete will always be home base, and it’s no wonder why. Nestled between the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg offers some of the best sailing grounds in the country. The beautiful waterfront area is home to the popular City Marina, historic Vinoy hotel and the world-renowned Salvador Dali Museum. Just a few blocks away, downtown St. Pete is the city’s heart filled with unique shops and a slew of localized restaurants and bars. In the last five to ten years St. Pete has transformed itself from what was known as God’s waiting room into what is now considered one of the country’s fastest growing cities. Venturing toward the Gulf much of this area was considered industrial. In more recent times, artists seeking studio space saw potential in the area. The artistic influence is everywhere. Drive 10 minutes west of downtown, and you’ll hit the Gulf of Mexico and the shores of St. Pete Beach. St. Pete Beach is consistently voted among the top beaches in the country along with its neighbor Clearwater Beach. Take a walk on the sugar sand beach, and you’ll know why. Opened in the heyday of the Gatsby era the Don CeSar has been welcoming travelers for nearly a century. Known as the pink palace, it is the epitome of old-world glamour and sophistication. Since 1928 it has graciously welcomed the world’s elite stars of the silver screen, renowned to authors, US presidents and even a gangster or two. (Cast Off)

Family Sail (Cast Off)

Before we depart, we were sure to take my family out for a final sail. It was a perfect day of calm and beautiful weather. And bonus we caught dinner. Yeah, its like the other one. Oh yeah, that’s a nice one. There you go, there’s your matching filets. Small bones right in the little center. Yeah. That little line of bones. You can strip it on either side, and this little strip peels right off. Then the rib cage gets cut. (Cast Off)

Last Minute Errands (Cast Off)

So, last week at the dock here in St. Pete and we’re running around with our heads cut off. One of our viewers reached out to us and kind of as a going-away gift; he offered to make a mat for our cockpit floor. He owns an upholstery shop. So, last night it was like midnight, I made a template pattern for the cockpit floor, and we’re on our way to Tarpon Springs right now for, to give him this and he’s just gonna make it right there in the spot for us. Pretty awesome. It is awesome. We have a bunch other stuff to do; we’re gonna the laundromat. We have loads of laundry to do. Boat cleaning time, organizing. Boat cleaning time later today, we’re going to West Marine, we got Home Depot. we got a bunch of stuff to do; we’re all over the place. But first stop on our tour is to get to the upholstery shop. (Cast Off)

Upholstery Shop (Cast Off)

That’s nice. Okay. When you’re talking about sailors, I know that. I have a couple of days ago guy, he’s a mechanic for boats, and he told me why I don’t like to work on a sailboat. You know, always something and they, they are cheap and, and I said what sailboats? What sailors? And like, you know sailors? And I said no I don’t know. I don’t think that sailors are cheap because how much money you need to spend to prepare your boat, you know. You have sailors with a five hundred thousand boats. You have sailors with a hundred thousand boats, fifty thousand boats. Don’t look on a sailors thousand bucks, buy boat and put it there to live on a boat for free. You know that’s not, that guy is not sailing. He’s not sailing. If you’re living on a, in a marina on a sailboat you can’t say I’m sailor because you didn’t move anywhere, you know. Yeah, yeah. You know, like.  Like a sailboat, there’s one in Fort Myers Beach on the mooring ball it’s been there for years no mast no nothing. It’s just floating there. And they sailors. Yeah, he’s a sailor. I’m a sailor, yeah.  Take a beer, and I said listen, wait give me five Minutes, I need to you know like start the engine and leave the marina. I don’t want to, are we going out? Yeah. I don’t want to sit in the marina. Let’s go out. You know, and they like come on in and take a beer. I don’t want a fucking beer. Just sit there and drink your fucking beer. I wanna leave marina you know and go, go sailing. And then we mooring in an anklet you know, and I said okay now we will raise the sail, and I’m, I’m like teaching them sailing, and they don’t fucking care you know. Like, and, and like, and I said okay now you’re sitting on a rope. I need that rope and, and they holding the beers mostly and are like, now? And yeah, now. Really? You want me to, what, what do you want me to do? I said I want you to give me that fucking rope. You know like. You know like. And that’s, you know, People who don’t care you know like like they want to learn. I mean it’s. Take these and press this it will raise that. Okay, so now push there. Really good. Okay. I messed up. Do you want to stand on it with your feet? Like that? Yeah, position where you like. Okay and then press. What do I always say? Like a man. Do it like a man. Do it like a man, man. I’ll help you. Ready? Yeah. Yeah. Thank you, brother. Thank you, man. See ya. Have a good trip. Have a good trip. (Cast Off)

Dessert (Cast Off)

Dessert. Yum. Let’s have a bite. That’s yummy. Okay, one more bite. All right. (Cast Off)

Cockpit Mat (Cast Off)

Let’s see how my pattern skills are. I think that’s nice. Oh, that looks like it’s perfect. Yeah, that a boy. Oh, test it out. Test it out, little man. Oh, baby, you’re gonna like this. Is it nice? Yeah. It’s nice. Yeah, that is really nice. Feels much better, love it. Love it. Thanks, Peck. Thanks, Peck. Hey, thanks peck. (Cast Off)

The Adventures of King Arthur (Cast Off)

The Adventures of King Arthur. Look at King Arthur’s he sets forth on a mission of epic proportions. It’s unclear exactly what this mission is but our good King has a spring in his step we haven’t seen for quite some time. He eventually finds himself in the village of St. Petersburg. This is quite a distance for our King to travel, but he appears to be familiar with his surroundings. Poking his nose around every corner, it is now obvious he is looking for someone or something perhaps. As he makes a mad dash into the local public house, it’s a peculiar move for a king who refuses to partake in the devil’s joy juice. Strange he appears to know everyone in the pub. What are you looking for dear king? Oh my. This cannot turn out well. Hmm. (Cast Off)

Bon Voyage (Cast Off)

Just before we left, we are thankful to have a whole crew of friends, family and fans send us off with a bon voyage party. When we were out, yeah. We were out, and we went out, and we had dolphins and fish, and there was no wind, so all the sails were up. And then out of nowhere, this storm came out, and the whole boat was sideways. And the girls all ran downstairs and had champagne, and the boys were left bringing us to shore. Yes. My advice for Nick and Kelly would be to wear sunscreen, a lot of it. Don’t drink the sea water. It’s not good for you. Besides bikinis? Yeah. The best advice is the big stick at the top that goes up in the boat with the sail on it, keep that up. Make sure it’s not down in the water; keep it up. I think you should use separate rooms. I think you should name the front room as one of your go-to safe rooms. I’m just a little worried about two people being on a small space for that long of a time. Try not to get into any storms. Watch for dolphins and sharks. I mean, just keep in mind that you guys can jump overboard. I mean if you guys start to fight, it’s not worth it just leave. Get out, while you can. Probably just to stay alive for the most part. And you know, meet as many people as they can. Have people jump aboard as much as they can. You know and make friends, find more people. I want to see you guys be safe and have a really good time but be safe. (Cast Off)

Departure Day (Cast Off)

Just south of downtown is the harborage marina. The place I’ve called home for the past three years and today is the day we leave it all behind. Our friend Chase will be with us for the first leg of the trip. I know it’s a faux pas but its summer shandy so I had to get it. Bottles? Yeah, they didn’t have cans. We had a discussion about the bottles. Yeah, were like it’s. That’s why me and you got cans; so she could have bottles. Sacrificing for the girl. Yeah. Yup. That’s what I did with clothes. I only have two pairs of shoes so she can have 30. That’s not true, come on. That is not true. Let’s count them. Only thirty? And ten purses. Let’s count those. I might have thirty; I don’t know. Here’s what we got, food in there and there’s stuff in there now, but you can move that. Okay. And then up here in these bins, the two bins up there that are empty, food in there too. Okay. So, pantry, pantry, fridge. (Cast Off)

Leaving the Marina (Cast Off)

Leaving for the last time. That’s weird, isn’t it? It’s weird yeah, not going back to that. I’ve been there over three years, in that slip. Long time. Long time. New adventures. Yeah.

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