We take Satori on her first Regatta! Only it’s the unknown unofficial Luperon Regatta. It’s not a race, right?!


The Full Story (Luperon Regatta)

Nick and I are back from our trip to the US. It was so nice to spend a couple of months with our family and friends. That is the hardest thing about traveling as we do, we miss our people every day. We did all the “American things” we wanted to do. Such as, going to Disney World, eating all the goodies, driving to Minnesota, spending time on the lake, played bingo for the first time, went on a Disney Cruise, and so much more. It was a blast!

Daysail in the DR (Luperon Regatta)

Hurricane season was coming to an end in about 6 weeks so we wanted to take Satori out to stretch her legs. We sailed with a few boats to Cambiasso which is 7 miles East of Luperon. What started out as a joke turned into an unofficial Regatta. Although it wasn’t officially a race, we all wanted to get there first for bragging rights. Nick and I were on our boat along with our friends John and Steven. We made a great team and Satori came in second haha!

A Day at the Beach (Luperon Regatta)

The sail there is pleasant, it’s one long tack and takes about 2 hours. The beach is beautiful and quaint. There are a few shacks that have ice cold beer and fresh fish. We had lunch on Satori then made our way to the beach to hang with friends and sip on some suds. What started out as a very chill day on the beach had some excitement. There really is never a dull moment in our lives. A young gentleman brought his pickup truck for a drive on the beach. It kept getting stuck and our crew pushed it out of the sand at least 4 times! Finally, he was able to drive off into the sunset.

Downwind Sail back to Luperon (Luperon Regatta)

Speaking of sunset, we all wanted to be back in Luperon Harbor before dark. It’s an easy 45 minute downwind sail back. The seas had picked up however they were following so it was a comfortable ride. Our trip was smooth sailing until the very end. When we fired up Satori’s engine she slowly started to die. The four of us looked at each other scratching our head. What is going on? She was fine in the morning, no issues.

Engine Problems! (Luperon Regatta)

Nick decided to drop the dinghy and hip tie it to Satori. He had to act quick because we were already in the harbor and didn’t have control. Luckily Luperon is so well-protected that we didn’t have to fight the wind or any kind of waves.  The dinghy trick worked like a charm. John and Steven were able to grab our mooring ball right as the sun went down.

Now came the daunting task of figuring out the problem with our engine. Stay tuned!

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