Back in the USA

After arriving in Luperon Dominican Republic for the 2018 hurricane season, we made a trip back to the US to visit family and friends. We flew back to Tampa Florida, but still needed to get to Minnesota for Nick annually family golf tournament. It’s a guys-only even, do this meant kelly would have to hang at the cabin for a few days, poor Kelly.

Road Trip

We decided to drive the 1800 miles north, mostly so we could have a vehicle while we were there. Also, we had the time to spare, so we weren’t in a big rush. This would allow us to stop in Nashville along the way, and give kelly a Tour across the midwest.

Here is how the trip went down:

Stop: Tampa, Florida
Driving: Florida, Georgia, Tennessee
Stop: Nashville, Tennessee
Driving: Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa
Stop: Cedar Falls, Iowa
Driving: Iowa, Minnesota
Stop: Apple Valley, Minnesota
Stop: Brainerd, Minnesota
Stop: Duluth, Minnesota
Stop: Lakeville, MN
Driving: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois
Stop: Champaign, Illinois
Driving: Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia
Stop: Macon, Georgia
Driving: Georgia, Florida
Stop: Tampa, Florida
Stop: St. Petersburg, Florida
Stop: Orlando, Florida
Stop Tampa, Florida