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Why We Chose Mantus

Satori came with a 45lb CQR style anchor. I never really gave it much thought and assumed that it was perfectly suitable for our life cruising. And to tell you the truth, it probably is. Many boats have and still do cruise and anchor with this type of anchor.

It wasn’t until we had a close call in a remote Anchorage (Dry Tortugas National Park) that I started to consider if I really felt comfotable with my exsisting ground tackle. I mean, this boat and much of the equipment is pushing 30 years old.  As an engineer, I know that technology has changed every aspect of boating, so why am I still working with an old, outdated anchor.

I started to research different systems and styles of anchors available. Quickly I was directed to Mantus by people on the dock and experienced cruisers I knew. There were also multiple blogs and forums peppered with testimonials of “The Mantus”.

I am a big  believer in the philosophy of my gut feeling. For years, if something just makes sense to me and feels right, I’m in until I see otherwise. But with Mantus, The science is also there to back it up.

Choosing the right size was the next step. Satori is 44′ and approx. 30,000 pounds. According to the Mantus sizing chart, we fall between the 55lb and 65lb anchor. I know they are “conservative” in their sizing, but I decided to round up regardless. This gives us an anchor big enough to ride out a tropical storm, possible even a low level hurricane in good holding. Since installing the Mantus, I have not had a single issue with it setting (always on the try), or dragging. This may change as time goes on and we continue cruising, but I will be surprised when it does!

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