Join us for our journey through Fantasy Fest 2017. We had a blast and met so many awesome people. It’s a wild ride!


Video Transcript

maybe what do you want for dinner
what why thank you
ladies there’s some naked girls doing
yoga well ones topless and one has just
has like workout area yoga break my neck
do nap we’re going to the zombie bike
ride we’re checking out this is kind of
a first day here Key West for the
fantasy fest first big event that we’re
here for we’re gonna be spectators or
not participate yeah we’re gonna go find
a spot to check them out drink some
beers and see a couple of friends who are
gonna be riding in it too so
if you’ve ever been to Duvall Street in
Key West you think there is always a
party going on but that was not always
the case
back in the 70s Key West was more like a
ghost town in October in an attempt to
boost business for local businessman had
the idea to throw a party piggybacking
on Halloween and the eccentric Key West
culture a crazy costume parade was
thrown in 1979 thirty-eight years later
fantasy fest has evolved into a ten day
celebration of over sixty costume
parties costume arches street fairs and
of course the main event the fantasy
fest parade because it’s impossible to
attend them all you really need to pick
an event each day and go with it this is
our fantasy fest story
zombi puppy
cool thing to watch it was up what is
probably the best braid see and I said
well why does in every town do this cuz
I don’t think it would be that hard to
organize this and it was really fun to
exactly there’s a huge block party so
we’re gonna go hang out and all right
run away we’re leaving right now
parades are over
zombies ourself Arthur is he said it’s
time to go here’s the dinghy I was so
happy that they played the walking dead
music good night
dude with the shooting arrows
we made two – two
so much fun like that’s a crazy party
right that’s like Miami club like I’m
not into that in our I’m told that shit
that’s just not my thing but it was fine
but I think we have more fun on Duval
Street yeah
The Adventures of King Arthur
look at King Arthur’s he attends the
festival of King Arthur subjects from
lands near and far and planets as it
appears have come to show their loyalty
to the king
these peasants crossed two oceans three
continents to beetle juices and for Hugh
Hefner’s just to be in the presence of
our great king not known for his
acceptance of other cultures our King
seems to have turned a new leaf as he is
greeted by none other than Adam and Eve
he is gone so far to let these young
harlots kiss his crown and even inspect
the Royal genitals with nothing more
than a dirty look
we begin to suspect foul play as the
King fails to execute these two
imposters who are obviously
impersonating the king himself and
poorly I might add a crime punishable by
death and dismemberment but it suddenly
becomes all too clear what has gotten
into King Arthur yes
aliens beautiful aliens
baby again last time we had these
margaritas we were again
who is it me
I’ll have to picture you let’s see you
where’s your beard
hey Martin you love my shoes let me get
my angel
look at your halo it’s a little limp my
costume designer
listen I love your costume it’s amazing
having a great time in Key West and we
love these guys please subscribe be a
patron they’re the best
you’re putting me to shame girl
that speedo looks like deviled eggs
baby Arthur’s gonna get jealous
we’re here without sailing space between
buy this on for a couple drinks what do
you think this is a beautiful boat this
is a leopard 46 this thing is so sweet
you guys yeah check it out check out
their channel yeah here’s the kids
well hey cheers guys I appreciate the
drinks and the invite this is awesome
love ya hosts finestra little baby boy
might have to get a camera there what do
you think
you the superhero music
with that wiener away put it away I’ll
tell mama look at the tourists looking
at the Pirates there’s still a pre-party
and a new friends big wine boat over
here mahalik – hopefully you’re gonna be
in the Bahamas same as us maybe we’ll
meet up with them I look evil in this
light your Johnny Depp eyes
yeah but more handsome
you guys drip right now fancy Fez for a
you see things and it’s you are
desensitized from the entire week’s
you’re like oh yeah that’s no big deal
because we’ve seen it a lot right baby
up for me anyway I don’t know yeah it’s
not a big deal anymore
yeah first couple of days you’re mine
and now it’s like Oh old man ass more
people watching
prepared for the rain
nerds Phil this is gonna be a wet parade
it’ll be movie night against appears
take it out
didn’t you have to check out your rain
jacket – that way
you’re the sweetest
the evening before Halloween and they
were showing Halloween the original John
Carpenter film with Jamie Lee Curtis
number one we’re not number 600 number
one they were showing it long story
short we just watched Halloween I’m
trying to explain it did so we just
watched Halloween at this super cold
tropic theater it was cool I liked it I
was scared I don’t know about Nick but I
thought it was super awesome PS Michael
Myers was in the front row what do you
want to go Irish Kevin’s how about
sandbar super Parker I can’t have a pork
wrap I’ve had that right then you
suggest something
Mexico games right across the street
amigos we go
things won’t be the same
could take a while