After a three week trip to test the boat for full-time cruising, life on the dock gets backing the swing of things, and our to-do list grows exponentially. Nick is dedicating 100% of his time to the boat while Kelly still has a full-time job and dance four days a week.

In this episode Kelly is back sifting through her closet, we test out our cruising friendly folding bikes (, we try to train Arthur to pee on deck, we see Kelly shine in the dance studio, and our anchor chain gets a fashion makeover.

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Video Transcription

Kelly’s Wardrobe (Sail Away)

After we returned from the Dry Tortugas, it was time to prepare for our cruising life. I sold all of my furniture and cleaned out my closet at least three times, and this is what I had left. As you know, I have a lot of clothes and a lot of shoes and then some, so I have to store a lot of my stuff in my childhood room. Here it is. So, my task today is to put away all my shoes. I’ll show you what Nick did. So, he made these racks that we put all around the top border of my room kind of like a space saver and then, of course, a rack on the door. So, I am just trying to organize by color, and hopefully, they all fit. So, that’s what we’re doing. Okay. Progress. (Sail Away)

New Bikes (Sail Away)

A few weeks ago, I bought this folding bike. It’s a pretty nice, little aluminum frame Hasa bike. I’m just kind of testing it out, and today, Kelly’s bike came in the mail so Yay! We’re gonna watch her open it up. Oh. Hey! Say hi to Henry. Cleaning the mats on the boat. Yeah, is that your urinal Mat? You should use it sometime, might be worth it. Enough beers and maybe so. That’s what I’m saying. You know Henry, I was reading an article, and they said that most sailors that drown, have their zipper open. Did you see that? If you just pee on the puppy pad, you won’t have to worry about falling over. Okay. Alright. So now I have to pull this thing out of here. Yeah, you gotta use your man muscles. Uh oh. Oh, look. Look at that. Look at that. Oh, yay! It’s not bad at all. Them ballerina arms to carry. Nerd. All right so, what do we got here? Look at this thing packed up pretty nice. It’s all assembled, ready to go. I don’t know how to unfold this though. Well, that’s the big, that’s the fun part. Its gonna take me some practice. There’s a plastic thing. There is? Oh! I was, I thought you meant this kind of plastic. Oh, crap! Okay. Then, how does it lock though? Just push it. It’s gonna be a ton of fun with me. Okay. All right a couple more things, look at those petals. You gotta get those petals, pull those petals out. Out? Yeah. What do you mean out? They flip out. Oh, this. Yeah. Use two hands. Like this? Oh. Oh. Just give it a little, there you go. Now, these seem high though. Yeah, you can adjust those too, right here just like the seat. That it? Yeah, good job. Do you have a basket? I don’t, but if this works good, I’ll get, I’ll get a couple. Oh, nice. What do you think? Yeah, let’s go to breakfast. Okay. Whoa. What do you think? Beautiful ride, I love it. Use your bell. Nope. Good job. (Sail Away)

Potty Training Arthur (Sail Away)

We want to get Arthur to start peeing on deck. We’d get a puppy pad, and he’d pee on that when he was younger. What I did is, I went to Home Depot, and I got small pieces of sod for lawn repair, and it comes in a tray like this. And since he’s a boy, he likes to lift his leg. I got this little bush, plant that right in the middle here and probably start with it on the dock maybe on the half deck. See how it works. Maybe we’ll get him to start hitting this thing instead of having to dingy him to shore or bring them all the way up front. The bottom, these things already have holes so the water can drain right in so just a rinse now and then to keep it alive, rinse off the dog pee. I think we’re good to go. Hey, come here. Hey man, we’ll try later what do you think? (Sail Away)

Ballet (Sail Away)

As Nick and I prepare to go cruising, I am still working a full-time job and teaching dance at night. my students have an annual recital that we are preparing for. Before we work on choreography, I give my students a ballet class. Even as a professional dancer you always need to work on your technique. (Sail Away)

The Adventures of King Arthur (Sail Away)

The adventures of King Arthur. Look at King Arthur as he takes a leisurely stroll on a gloomy afternoon. Days like this remind him of his time in Old England. Good day sir, oh good day to you, carry on then. Fresh out of the gate a good King wastes no time with his business of the day. Not here your majesty but I am The King I go everywhere, and I will he claims. King Arthur proceeds to pee on every bush in sight. Well, not every bush but almost all of the bushes, picnic tables, grass patches, stumps, trees, sometimes twice on the same tree. My goodness, your highness, your leg lifting is the stuff of legend. You haven’t seen anything yet. Well, Bravo your highness. You are the greatest. Exhausted from the day’s work his Majesty orders his servant to lift him back onto his yacht. Let’s go then hurry up. A legend indeed. Hmm. (Sail Away)

Etching Galvanized Chain (Sail Away)

Okay, project of the day we are marking the anchor chain. We used the anchor chain when we went to the Dry Tortugas. It wasn’t marked so really kind of made it a pain. I got some paint I got some vinegar. Just in the process now of laying the chain out on the dock. I was reading online an article on the boat Galley; it said that you can etch galvanized chain with vinegar. So, what I’m gonna do is every 25 feet I’m gonna pour some vinegar on there let it dry come back around, and I’ll paint it in my color pattern. Let’s say 2 feet of marking in each one so. Shopping bags, plastic shopping bags, and all my paint colors right here. 50-foot Marks. I’m gonna go red, yellow and then blue and then in between those I’m gonna do a black stripe at my 20-foot, 25-foot marks. The chains looking really good. I’ve never done this before, so this really seems to be working pretty good. It’s a good system; I’m not really making a mess. It seems to be adhering to the to the chain. It’s really gonna work well so. What do you think? Looks, good baby. Yeah? Yeah. So, this worked out pretty well, easier than I expected. I got two coats on each one of these. It won’t look this good for that long. It’ll start to chip away it goes through the windless and everything. Arthur. Arthur, Arthur come on. Yay! So maybe I’ll wait until tomorrow to put it all back in the boat. Let it get really nice and dry, harden up. What do you think? You excited? Yay! (Sail Away)

On the Next Episode (Sail Away)

Next time on Sailing Satori, the cruising prep continues. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! (Sail Away)