We begin our series with Kelly moving aboard Satori and the start of her life living on a sailboat. Nick Works on building a custom swim platform for Satori. In this video, you will see the following:

  • Kelly – What Clothes to Bring on a Sailboat?
  • A Look a Closet Space on a Sailboat
  • Building a Custom Swim Platform for a Sailboat

The Start of a Youtube Channel

Last January, we made the decision to set sail the following summer (less than six weeks from this post!). We also had an idea that we might start documenting our story on YouTube, so we started capturing footage wherever possible. Or more accurately, when we remembered to do so. We’ve already discovered that filming life on a regular basis is a very conscious decision. We don’t want to live our lives through the screens of our electronics, but we also want to share our experiences genuinely. Filming everything may prove to be the most challenging part of our endeavor.

Kelly’s Closet

Early in 2017, Kelly had an opportunity to be released from her apartment lease, so we took advantage and moved her out with short notice. That was an opportunity to save quite a bit of money. Because Satori is not prepared for her living on a sailboat and the number of clothes and shoes she was about to take on, Kelly set up shop in her childhood room. The room you see in the video and will be the home for the majority of her wardrobe.

She is a dancer, fashion school graduate, and a self-proclaimed “Fashionista.” Because space on Satori is limited, she will continue to struggle with deciding what clothes and shoes to bring aboard until the day we depart. I will be sure to protect my own closet space as I have a feeling her items will slowly start to make there way into my drawers.

The Swim Platform

We also started filming just after I started one of the most rewarding projects I have done on Satori. I am building a fold-up 2’x4’ swim platform. This project will add 2 feet of valuable space, to the length of Satori. The platform will improve our quality of life living on a sailboat. After weeks of starring at the transom, contemplating design ideas and building mock-ups, I finally came up with something I was happy with and brought it into my local welder for fabrication. In the video, I start by showing the design templates that I gave to the welder. Then after a quick trip to the shop, I am pleased to present the fantastic workmanship of the guys at Embree welding. This project will continue into the next episode and the final touches a few months down the line.

The Adventures of King Arthur

We also introduce what is easily our favorite segment of the video and will be a theme we plan to carry out in most, if not all, of our future videos. “The Adventures of King Arthur” is a window into the fantasy life of our Chihuahua Arthur as he is living on a sailboat. It’s even narrated by BBC – Planet Earth’s, Sir David Frederick Attenborough. (Ok, it’s just me with a bad accent). But there’s something about an English accent that makes even the most mundane daily tasks fantastically interesting. You’re going to love it!


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Video Transcription

Swim Platform Overview (Living on a Sailboat)

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like the shark situation. This is scary. I need some like. So here’s the current transom. We have a boarding ladder here, one final step. The project here is to build a pull-down boarding platform, so we have some more space here. So what I’ve done is I’ve built a model template out of PVC. We’ve gone through a couple of different versions. (Living on a Sailboat)

This right here is what I come up with, and so the idea is that this would be mounted near the bottom of the transom like so, and then it fold-up, so when we’re actually sailing in between Anchorage’s it will fold up like this. So the ladder again, out of PVC, has been shortened. That will mount here and also flip up. And then to give the davits a little extra strength, and for a mounting point for our cables which hold up the platform, I’ve mocked up some braces out of PVC, which will sit up in the corner and attach to the davits for a little extra strength. (Living on a Sailboat)

Kelly’s Home Clothes (Living on a Sailboat)

What to bring on the boat? We all know the limited space that I have. Too much I want to bring. I got all these shoes, dresses, bags, more clothes, more shoes. Kind of a big decision to make. After three clean out’s. [Music] so you’re moving on to the boat. yes, I’m moving on to the boat. And I’ve given you some space for your clothes and ten pairs of shoes, including flip-flops. Now see I think that’s negotiable. There’s no way. Awesome. (Living on a Sailboat)

Kelly’s Boat Closet (Living on a Sailboat)

Now I have these three baskets. There are clothes. And then I have, I have one drawer down here. Great these in size and then a couple of shelves in there. Sort of half a shelf maybe. One shelf and a half a weird. Hairy cross against the hull a weird nook thing, So. And then here we’re going to hang up a rack, or I can put stuff in the head. So that’s it. There is a closet though. Oh yeah, there is a closet. However, it has boat smell, so no. (Living on a Sailboat)

So I just started to unload the stuff I brought. What about, what about under here. Under your clothes, here you have. There’s a spot there. There’s a little cubby hole. Yeah, but to me, that cubby hole is weird because of the bathroom. Is that the one that the bathroom is connected to? Yeah, so if anything it’s the clothes from the toilet, hell no. I’m not putting anything in there. Can’t do it. (Living on a Sailboat)

Head Hose Cubby (Living on a Sailboat)

Can we put your shoes in there? No are you serious? No way. We need to find a solution for your shoes. Where to store them. Well, there’s a shoe Locker on your side. Oh, but my shoes are in that locker. Yeah, but we can share you know. You knew this when you met me. And my purses, like what the hell where am I gonna put those. We could put your shoes inside the purses and then store them in the cubby hole there. No. and then your shoes are protected. No. (Living on a Sailboat)

V-Berth as Kelly’s Closet? (Living on a Sailboat)

No, the v berth should totally be in my closet, and that would be perfect. What? What happens when we have guests? Say, like when we have. I think those couches are really comfortable. Although I don’t know why even if my shoes and purses were in there, that somebody still can’t sleep in there. Do you trust my friends to sleep in the same room as your fancy purses and shoes? Yes. Even Dan Bush? Especially Dan Bush. Okay. He’s not gonna play with my Shoes. He might wear them. (Living on a Sailboat)

Nick’s Closet (Living on a Sailboat)

This is my side. This is what I get pretty much the same as her. We each have three baskets on the side of the bed, and then I have that shelf. And then one drawer under the bed as well. So we’re half and half, but I do have a feeling that I have, we share the same amount of space for clothes, but I think she is or will have twice the amount of clothes. So I’m going to invade your space is that what you’re saying. Yeah. (Living on a Sailboat)

Swimming Suites (Living on a Sailboat)

I have three swimsuits, two of them are speedos. And I have clearly more than that. This is my swimsuit pile. Hmm, and I have a whole thing. Well let’s be honest, you’ll be wearing swimsuits 50% of the time. Yeah, so that’s a good thing to have a lot of. Yeah look at this old-fashioned one, I love it. It looks like granny panties, isn’t it cute? It’s like 1950. You have to see it on. No, it’s really cute you’ll like it. (Living on a Sailboat)

The Adventures of King Arthur (Living on a Sailboat)

The Adventures of King Arthur. Look at King Arthur tells his servant he needs to go for a walk. His servant hands him down to the dock because King Arthur’s too important to jump himself. As he walks down the dock, he gets spooked by some unknown object. Dinghy perhaps? Hmm, Arthur’s not about to find out. As he waits at the gate, he doesn’t know that his archrival is around the corner. As he turns the corner, he sees and locks eyes with his number-one frenemy. The moment is tense. Smells are exchanged. Tails are wagging in fierce rivalry. Hmm, Oh King Arthur must decide what to do. Challenge his arch enemy, or move on? That’s right; King Arthur has more important things to do. Hmm, he will live to fight another day. [Applause] (Living on a Sailboat)

Platform Welding Complete (Living on a Sailboat)

my baby right. [Music] it worth the effort? [Music] you know it. Bye baby. Exciting news today, my welding has been completed for the platform. Excited to get this thing on and give it a try before our big trip to the Dry Tortugas, and so I’m gonna run over there pick it up. [Music] so we have here is the template I made then the final product made out of one-inch stainless steel tubing. That’s the platform piece. It’s beautiful. The ladder template next to the final product. for the actual ladder and then one of the davit braces. One for each side and this is where the cable will attach. To go from that point to the midpoint of the platform. (Living on a Sailboat)

Ending (Living on a Sailboat)

Hey guys thanks for watching our first episode of sailing satori. Next time we bring Arthur on board, finish the swim platform and take it out for a test while sailing. See I told you this 50 swimsuit was cute. If you enjoyed our first episode, please hit like below and subscribe. A special thanks to all of our patrons. This channel is made possible by viewers like you. Go to sailingsatori.life to see how you can help. (Living on a Sailboat)