Sailboat Sunshade Design –

As we wait out Hurricane season in Fort Myers, we get comfortable with our new “cruising” lives. After our friend Chase leaves, we settle into our new schedule. Which includes eating healthy, exercising, and of course boat projects! As we’re about to leave for the FL Keys, Hurricane Irma tracks right for us! Join us on this roller coaster of a month in Ft. Myers Beach.

Video Transcript

it’s looking a little scary here is the
hurricane and we’re right here
I’m the western tip of South Florida
it’s heading directly for us
directly for us
alright y’all let’s go time to cool
back to Fort Myers spent five days on
Satori that’s pretty good no complaints
we’re all in the car because we have to
pick up the Superman yeah
and the rest of us go back to work back
under the Skyway
The Adventures of King Arthur
look at King Arthur as he is perched
before a royal platter of wine and
cheese a good king is more than capable
of fetching his own morsels stubborn as
he is the King’s refusal is unmistakable
how regal but even Arthur’s pride has
its limits especially when he’s angry he
gives up oh did he
well played King Arthur hmm well played
here’s the deal
now that our friend chase has gone it’s
time to get back in shape but not until
we stuff our faces one last time
anyways bad news here
well tomorrow is d-day so I’m just doing
it up you know
no fries
workout day
day one fun got me on the Kelly’s
program I’m just being supportive I mean
you can’t you can’t really improve on
perfection so so this is all for Kelly
here so she doesn’t have to do this
right and maybe so my shorts fit again
how’s that feel good hard stay ones
it hurts I haven’t moved in a while so
gay ones always the worst though so or
gay – is the worst day – so first cuz
you’re sore and then you go do it again
all my Disney lovers out there
get your butt
shower my project for the day we have to
kind of a big one we’re gonna remake
sunshade that I I designed and had
someone so for me a couple years ago the
goal was to make sure that this thing
was super easy to put up all the
connectors are they’re lightweight so it
could just stuff into a bag like this
even though this material was supposed
to be UV rated for flags and everything
and not fake it’s supposed to not fade
faded material has just gotten so frail
in the Sun that it’s just tears so we
have about 20 yards of sunbrella that
we’ve ordered and Kelly who is a fashion
school graduate with sewing skills so
we’re here at my friend Paul’s house and
he’s letting us use his living room
while we remake our Sun Shade he’s got a
pretty awesome sailrite machine too so
we got the Sun Shade here all laid out
the size of this thing is so big
harder to work with and dressers
Arthur’s digging it right now and we got
our little helper who apparently we have
to get him a tennis ball yeah we don’t
have a traditional hot knife but I do
have this little it’s like a little
butane torch and it has this little I’ll
call it like an exacto knife and it’s
nice just holds like a pen here I’m just
gonna I got a piece of scrap wood as the
backing just gonna follow my line here
cut sterling by
we seal the edges because it melts it
and it’s a nice easy cut perfect
that’s stitch look at that
oh I’d done good yeah it looks real nice
boo-boo see my fashion is coming into
play people you see it what do you think
Arthur what do you think you like it
Kelly I’m the hot knife here
oh shit I meditate I was joinin
literally on the last thing maybe baby
good job baby
Thanks get those scenes they’re so
what do you think
it’s awesome we’re super excited today
we have a very important package waiting
for us when we started this cruising
thing our goal was always to find a way
to make a sort of passive income or
online income to keep this cruising life
going you need that otherwise it’s a
short-lived thing cruising to be way too
short you don’t have any income unless
you’re rich which we certainly are not
when we started our videos it was mostly
for fun and maybe you know to get some
beer money but honestly our patrons and
our paypal supporters are the ones that
are keeping us afloat so thank you so
much thank you so much you guys have no
idea how much you mean to us
this package that’s coming today it
represents a lot of work on our part but
also represents kind of a leap of faith
really what we decided to do early on
even before we started making videos we
looked at a lot of different I guess
online business options ways to make
money online and something we came
across was something called an FBA
business fulfillment by Amazon and
really in a nutshell you have a product
send that product to Amazon and they
take care of everything beyond that
point you know definitely for a fee but
it can be completely managed online and
that’s something that really we were
really drawn to that idea
it seemed tangible to us and so this
seemed like an opportunity that we could
take a hold of at least take a chance on
anyway we weren’t really sure if we were
going to share this FBA business venture
on our channel but if it turns out to be
a viable solution to be able to go
and we think it’s worth sharing with
everyone yeah you know this might give
other people an avenue to cut ties and
start cruising themselves so we figure
if we can make our dreams come true then
maybe you can – yeah it’s so Disney here
comes Nick with our captain chair we got
our first order this is exciting this is
the first time we are gonna see it so
I’ve seen pictures from the manufacturer
I had our shipping company inspect every
one of these to make sure that all the
right labels and everything else without
further ado the Amazon barcode that
needed to be applied here’s the black
one see that logo look at that that’s
our logo the captain looks pretty
awesome pirate themed black is so much
cooler oh yeah yep I am an open of the
grey line this is exciting yeah I love
this gray one
oh yeah oh my god I love it sweet love
we sold the chair
we sold a chair we sold the chair pretty
pump that’s awesome yeah we’d better get
our shit together I know and I just said
what if we saw more before we could get
new inventory good problem that’d be
so but we won’t get too excited Nick and
I have been tracking hurricane Irma
we’re actually supposed to leave to go
the kids today and do some lobstering
and marathon but because of that
hurricane that’s not happening
so we have decided we’re so important
minors Beach we’ve decided to stay here
and we’re actually moving to another
marina with floating docks we should
know more in a couple days on what
direction this beast is coming Arthur
what do you think about this hurricane
no boy no mama no bueno
so here we’re watching Irma come in
watching all the weather reports this is
kind of looking now
right here
Fort Myers Beach so we’re watching
trying to keep up on the radar and all
the predictions and spaghetti models and
everything else that’s coming in and
it’s looking a little scary it’s heading
directly for us
directly for us so here is the hurricane
and we’re right here on the western tip
of South Florida
so that thing the way it’s predicted at
least in this model is coming very close
to where we are we’ve thrown out of
there options of you know going upriver
trying to tie off into mangroves back to
st. Pete going back north to st. Pete
going to Mexico sailing across to Mexico
I mean we could fly there right now with
winds that are back we could probably
get there before the hurricane gets here
it’s a big sail I’ve never sailed that
for that long I don’t think I want to do
it in a Russian situation pretty nervous
so task today is we’re just going to get
this boat moved we’re going to tie it up
over at salty Sam’s and we’re gonna
start tearing down we’re gonna start
tearing down the sails and the Bimini
and everything else that ready windage
we’re concerned a little bit worried so
stay tuned