Travel the Dominican Republic by Motorcycle

/Travel the Dominican Republic by Motorcycle

Travel the Dominican Republic by Motorcycle

Season 2 – Episode 18

Long before sailing into Luperon Harbor, we would have never imagined that we would soon be learning to ride a motorcycle… for the first time. But as the saying goes, when in the DR, do as the Dominicans do. This is the best way to do Dominican Republic travel.

Watch this video to see some the following:

  • Dominican Republic Travel by Motorcycle
  • Party Beach in La Ensenada
  • Beer and Pizza in Punta Rucia
  • Motorcycle Riding Through a River
  • We Cross Another River On  Homemade Motorcycle Raft

Watch the Preview Here

The Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is the largest island in the Caribbean. It also boasts the tallest mountains and seemingly endless stretches of uninhabited shoreline. Take any road, any direction, and you will encounter one charming village after another. It seems that the entire country lives on their front porches and roadside colmados (small markets).

This is largely different than the small lowland islands of the Bahamas and Turks and Caicos. The beauty of those islands is that they are small, plentiful, and you can only get there by boat. But often, there isn’t much you can not already see from the other side of the island.

Riding a Motorcycle in the Dominican Republic

When you arrive in the Dominican Republic, you quickly realize the size and geographical diversity of the island. It is lush and vast. There is a new sight and smell around every curve of the country roads. This is why touring by motorbike is the ultimate way to take in all of the sights, sounds, and smells.

The Dominican Republic is considered the 5th most dangerous place to drive in the world. So it’s no wonder why when you travel on a busy highway or through a congested city. But get out on the rural country roads, and you often have it to yourself.

Weekly Motorbike rides from Luperon

In Luperon, there is a group of expats and cruisers who set up regular rides from Puerto Blanco Marina, usually on Sunday mornings. Just ask anyone at Las Velas restaurant, and they will set you up with Cliff or Craig. These guys have been riding in the area for a long time and know all of the best rides. You can rent a bike from Bob and Sue on gringo hill. Again, simply ask around at Puerto Blanco. At the time of this article, rentals are $75/week, or $200/month.

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Song Credits

Intro Song – Carribean Cuisine 4 – Magnus Ringblom

3:01 – Cariocas 5 – Joachim Nilsson

6:19 – Dust Bowl 2 – Håkan Eriksson

7:34 – Like Iit – Johnny Berglund

10:22 – Tripping Around Town 5 – Magnus Ringblom

12:14 – Donau River – Magnus Ringblom

Ending Song – Figure It Out – Daniel Gunnarsson


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Here is a transcript of the video:


Nick: First time on a motorcycle

Random Guy: For you now no no

Kelly: Do not ride it please! will you please


Nick: Yeah let’s just try it

Kelly: What? don’t get hurt don’t kill yourself



Kelly: My ears are plugged up there’s a river in my

head. like the noise um what else there’s

not really that much pain except for

noises [clap] like that hurts it feels like

there’s somebody going [gong] in my head going anytime

there’s like a loud noise. yeah we’re

gonna go to the emergency room in town

Voiceover: The clinic in Luperon and all of the DR is

free of charge. a nice service for minor


Kelly: The antibiotic drops. Oh, my ear hurts. Antibiotic drops for my ear

infection. Inflammation from the waterfall that we did. Hoping this works. I have to do two drops two times daily.

Nick: what did she say? Did she say like this is a normal thing you get an infection from those waterfalls or just swimming?

Kelly: Swimming. Oh okay yeah she says the water

rushes in your ear and it goes around then she did this but shakes in her head and it causes your ear drum to enflame I guess and then it’s gonna infected and then she pressed right here and that

hurt. Nick is going to put the drops in my ears. So we’re doing two

drops twice a day.

Nick: can you feel it

Kelly: mm-hmm


Voiceover: Prior to arriving in Luperon I had never ridden a motorcycle. Hard to believe, I know. Despite the steep learning curve in the DR and a prior close call with the tour bus, bike rides across the country roads quickly became one of our favorite activities. In our opinion, there is no better way to explore this area of the Dominican Republic, just stay off the busy highways



Cliff: It’s like Dominican Weekend Party


Nick: Oh you got your little backpack I didn’t realize.


KELLY: Hey guys we need your help we have some pretty amazing fans in an awesome little pirate ship here but we have room for more onboard so subscribe now and tell a friend you can also share us on Facebook and Instagram and keep up with our daily posts as well as our website sailing satori dot life if you want to see even more from us visit our Patreon page where you’ll see extra footage and personalized updates every effort keeps a little wind in our sails and helps us keep making awesome videos for you guys now on with the show.



Nick: Do you think, baby you want to try and

take it by yourself? The bike across the river?

Nick: Are we riding through the water?

Friend: yeah

Nick: It’s shallow enough? What do you think go ride on the back?




Nick: First time on a motorcycle.

Random Guy: For you now no no

Kelly: Do not ride it. please no

Random Guy: no no girl pass I ain’t know a woman come on tell miss my first step like a man no no no for you

Nick: first time

Random Guy: for you no-no for a time that

Kelly: will you please not

Nick: yeah let’s just try it

Kelly: What? don’t get hurt. don’t kill yourself




Nick: Don’t tell anyone

Nick: yeah

Cliff: I could have been more graceful

Nick: yeah me too



Dennis: take those shoes off.

Nick: this is it I went up here no problem on the right

Friend: yeah yeah you won’t they won’t you won’t get money on it either I was all in the mud


Voiceover: this river crossing has a bridge that is out of commission. Some see it as a major inconvenience. These two enterprising gentlemen see it as an opportunity. With this makeshift raft and for only fifty pesos, or a dollar per bike, these guys will get to across river in relative safety.



Nick: I’m glad that’s over. I was more nervous getting off than crossing the other river, yeah.


Voiceover: On the next episode of sailing Satori, we do a little organic food shopping in town


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