After a fun week holding up in Key West (tough, I know), it was time to head back north. In this leg of the trip, Fort Myers Beach is the destination. Nick, with the help of his Brother and nephew who just happened to be vacationing in South Florida, sail Satori overnight to Fort Myers Beach. Nicks nephew Kagan, Trumpet player for the University of Wisconsin Badgers Marching band, show off his skills in an epic conch blowing session. It’s a long motor sail into the wind, but that’s better then ass kicking the whole way.

After a little tour of Fort Myers Beach, Kelly and new crew arrive for the final leg of the trip… in the next episode. Enjoy!

Thank you so much for taking the time to watch. Lotta love, Nick, Kelly, and Arthur

Video Transcription

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Sailing to Fort Myers (Florida Sailing)

So, we just left Key West. I got my brother and my nephew on board. they came down on the fast ferry from Fort Myers Beach to help me sail this thing back overnight. We should be getting to Fort Myer’s Beach first thing in the morning. We’re just a half hour from getting out of the channel. This key west, northwest channel and then we’ll make a beeline right towards Fort Myers Beach and should be there just about Sunrise. Should be a calm night. Nice sailing wind right now but I think as we make the turn north out of this channel, we’re gonna be pretty much going right into about a 10, anywhere from a five to ten wind all night and that will keep us motored.  (Florida Sailing)

Fishing (Florida Sailing)

Any bites yet? Nothing yet. We’re waiting though. What did you figure out Kagan? It had a blockage in its large intestine. You can tell by all the weird growth marks down here. What else you think? You excited to eat this fish? Yeah, we’ll see. And as sunset set in, we were just three guys on a boat, blowin’ some conch. Oh. Oh.  (Florida Sailing)

Overnight Sail (Florida Sailing)

Motoring through the night, down here making dinner, my brother and my nephew upstairs keeping watch. I’m cooking up Kingfish with a little pasta salad side that I made earlier. Oh, the romantic candlelit dinner. Kagan. Kingfish and pasta salad. A dinner suited for the king. It’s about 12:37 a.m. we are on a two-hour rotation between three of us. Every hour we’re doing engine checks because we have to keep the engine running because we’re going straight into the wind. We tried to put up the sails to see if we could kill the engine for a little bit and get some sailing going but right now, we’re doing a hybrid sail/motor into the wind and trying to stay somewhat on track for hitting in Fort Myers Beach around 6:00 – 7:00 am. That is the captain’s log. 12:37 am.  (Florida Sailing)

Approaching Fort Myers Beach (Florida Sailing)

Sun’s up; we’re still motoring, motored most of the night. We had the sail up for about an hour, but that’s about it. We tried. We’ve got about an hour left. I think we’re all pretty happy, tired. Kagan looks tired. Yeah, time for bed.  (Florida Sailing)

The Adventures of King Arthur (Florida Sailing)

The Adventures of King Arthur. Look at King Arthur as he inspects the bountiful provisions set forth by his servants. Far from a modest King, Arthur demands a healthy bestow all from his noblemen and his townspeople. According to him and only him, it’s well-deserved. Diligent in his inspection, our king is not easy to please. However, in this case, it looks as though he is quite satisfied with his offering. Not an easy task for his presenters. Thou shalt not disappoint his majesty. It may seem like a hefty price to pay, simply to exist in the presence of our king, but it’s well worth it considering the alternative. Hmm.  (Florida Sailing)

Sick (Florida Sailing)

Day two in Fort Myers Beach. Yesterday we got in, dinghied my brother and nephew to shore, and I was just exhausted. And I started, I started feeling this tickle of my throat in the middle of the night on the way here from Key West and it just kind of knocked me out yesterday. So, I just stayed in and it’s a bummer because I got friends in town, my brother and family was here, got another friend not too far out and also captain Paul’s right over in the marina next door and but I couldn’t do anything. I just had to get some sleep. Feeling a little bit better today. Hopefully uh better again by tonight because we have another batch of crew coming, Kelly’s coming back and my friend Josh. But for now, I haven’t been off this boat in over 24 hours, and so I’m gonna go to shore, I’m gonna check-in. I already checked in on my radio but I’ll, I’ll pay for my nights, get rid of some trash and just go for a nice little dinghy ride. It’s time, time to stretch the legs a bit, so.  (Florida Sailing)

Fort Myers Beach Tour (Florida Sailing)

Fort Myers Beach it’s an interesting place whether you are resident a sailor passing by or on vacation. There is something magically fun about this town. We always end up here when in the area it’s a great stop on the way to Key West. All right back on shore, gonna go to the office check-in and pay for a couple nights on the mooring ball. Then I’m gonna take a walk around town, give you guys a little tour. Fort Myers Beach. Fort Myers Beach is located on a Sterile Island just south of Sanibel on the west coast of Florida. There are multiple marinas and a large and extensive mooring filled with convenient access to everything. Just grab a ball and check in at the Matanzas Inn. The beach has a hint of a Key West vibe; there are plenty of restaurants and beach bars with live music every day. Expect happy hour to rule over the late-night bars. Despite that, there’s never a dull moment when people watching and no shortage of drunk tourists. As we drove down to meet Nick, I too got a case of the sniffles. I blame him of course. We took it easy that night, but we were up bright and early to meet some friends at the dock. After some hugs and huevos, it was time to depart north. It’s a five-hour motor sail up the ICW to Cabbage Key where we’ll spend the night before making the final 12-hour jump to St. Pete.  (Florida Sailing)

On the Next Episode (Florida Sailing)

Next time on Sailing Satori, we finally make it back home to St. Pete.  (Florida Sailing)