Top Sailing Channels and Cruisers around the world discuss how the current shutdowns related to the worldwide Corona Virus pandemic is affecting them. Videos from all cruiser types have been collected and shown here. All videos have been filmed between 3/17/2020 – 3/19/2020.

Sailing Nandji
@Sailing Nandji – Frothlyfe

Ryan and Sophie Sailing
@Ryan & Sophie Sailing

Tula’s Endless Summer
@Tula’s Endless Summer

WE Sail

Beau and Brandy
@Beau and Brandy

Sailing Wind Therapy

The Crabby Captain and The Sunny Sailor

@TheCrabbyCaptainAnd TheSunnySailor

Bums on a Boat

@Bums on a Boat

The Paper Boat Project–g
@The Paper Boat Project

Sailing Sojourner

Sailing Doodles
@Sailing Doodles

Alex and Kareena – SV Valhalla