Ep. 12 – She’s Topless Again! (Sailing Satori)

With only a few weeks before we begin full time cruising, we have some final business to attend to. Kelly wraps up another year of Ballet, We remove Satori’s Mainsail for some well needed repairs, and we fly home to Minnesota to visit with friends and family one last time.


Nick, Kelly, and Arthur

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OTH: Rigging a Swell Bridle (Sailing Satori)

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Here we go, another episode of “On The Hook!” In this episode, we teach you how to properly use and execute a swell bridle. Thanks to Bruce Van Sant’s book, “The Gentleman’s Guide To Passages South,” we learned how to utilize the swell bridle for rolly anchorages. As we made our way from the Exumas to Turks and Caicos, we found that many of the anchorages we went to were open bay anchorages. This meant we were exposed to the Atlantic Ocean and the swell coming in was no joke. It was darn near impossible to do the simplest of tasks, even just brushing your teeth! Nick quickly referred to Bruce’s book and bam there was the answer, the swell bridle to the rescue! It took us a couple of tries to master it but now we have it down pat. This makes life so much better at a rolly anchorage. We hope you enjoy our video and send us a comment with any questions!

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Rigging a Swell Bridle Printable Instructions

OTH: Rigging a Swell Bridle (Sailing Satori)

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Ep. 11 – To Pee or Not to Pee! – Boat Training a Dog and Our New Mantus Anchor (Sailing Satori)

No one said getting a stubborn little king to pee on deck would be easy. Some dogs take to it immediately, some never do. When it comes to Arthur, the struggle is real!

On the bright side, we unveil our brand new 65lb Mantus anchor. This thing has 20lbs on our existing CQR and is a massive hood ornament on the bow of Satori. No more dragging for us!

We also learn a lesson in the reality of a “Man Overheard” scenario. Some things you have to experience before the truth becomes apparent.

Thank you so much for taking the time to watch. Nick, Kelly and Arthur.

Why we chose the Mantus Anchor

Sailing Satori: On The Hook – Cruising Plans

On The Hook (OTH) is a little bit of a departure from our regular “Cruising Log” episodes. Our “On The Hook” videos will be more of a conversational and topical nature, as opposed to a highly edited travel chronicle. Here we will discuss special Sailing Satori news, boating topics, product reviews, and whatever else we feel is important at the time.

In this episode, we talk about our cruising “plans”. We cover where we have been so far, and our ideas for the future. Our regular episodes are about 7 months behind, so we wanted to give you guys an update. As our regular episodes progress, we will work on catching up to only a few months behind real time.

We still plan to release our regular episodes every other week, with “On The Hook” videos in between.

Thank you so much for taking the time to watch. Nick, Kelly and Arthur

Ep. 10 – Ready, Set, Prep! (Sailing Satori)

After a 3 week trip to test the boat for full time cruising, life on the dock gets backing the swing of things and our to-do list grows exponentially. Nick is dedicating 100% of his time to the boat while Kelly still has a full time job and dance 4 days a week.

In this episode Kelly is back sifting through her closet, we test out our cruising friendly folding bikes (http://amzn.to/2zoJwqL), we try to train Arthur to pee on deck, we see Kelly shine in the dance studio, and our anchor chain gets a fashion makeover.

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Meet The Crew – The Story Behind Satori (Sailing Satori)

The story of us…Nick and I talk about our childhood, growing into adults, and how we got to where we are now.

My childhood was very much focused on dance. I am extremely lucky to have the support that I do from my parents and my sister. There was a time when I was growing up (and this went on for years) that I was literally in the dance studio 7 days a week. All the while, maintaining mostly A’s (and the occasional B) in school. I believe dance is a great tool to engrain discipline and confidence. Even if you don’t necessarily want to dance professionally, the life lessons are priceless. That was my dream, I wanted nothing more than to become a ballerina. All the hard work paid off, my first professional job started in high school. Then I was well on my way to bigger things in Miami and Hawaii. Unfortunately, I had an accident and fell during a rehearsal. My back was indeed broken and to my career came to an end. Even though I only danced professionally for about 7 years, I am thankful to have made it at that far. I decided it was time to go back to school. I got a Bachelors degree in Fashion and Marketing. Fashion was always in my soul. When I wasn’t dancing, you could catch me putting on fashion shows with my Barbie dolls. I am the definition of a “girly girl.” My fashion degree brought me to the Big Apple where I worked and lived for awhile. I came to the conclusion that even though I loved this city Manhattan, the way I was living (4 roommates in a 1 bedroom apartment and bunk beds, etc.) was not working for me anymore. Plus I was missing my family something terrible. I hightailed it back to Florida and jumped back in my sister’s dance studio while also getting into the corporate world. This office life of mine went for about 7 years…Even though I liked my jobs and learned a heck of a lot, there was something missing, a passion I yearned to find. When Nick and I met, it soon became clear that sailing would fill that void.

Nick grew up in Minnesota. His childhood was filled with sports! He played soccer and hockey, and was active to say the least. Back in those days, kids could still play outside until dark and it was “safe.” You better believe Nick was playing outside as much as he could, even in the Minnesota bitter cold! He has always had an adventurous spirit, one that couldn’t be repressed. His first adventure was in college, he went to Sweden for a year to study abroad. That broadened his horizons and gave him the travel bug. There was no stopping Nick now! Adventure and traveling was in his heart. Fast forward a few years, he too felt something was missing. Thats when the idea of sailing came into his life. Boom, something snapped and woke him up. Fast forward another 9 months and he was living on Satori, fixing her up and learning how to sail. A couple years later, he met yours truly.

Nick and I made plans to start cruising over a year ago and the time is finally here. We can’t wait to see what this new found passion and adventure will bring us both.

Stay tuned!

Ep. 9 – Sailing our Pants Off! (Sailing Satori)

This is it! The final leg of our Shakedown trip to the Dry Tortugas. I drove down to Ft. Myers Beach from St. Petersburg with our friends, Josh and Jessie. I had a terrible cold but I knew that being on the water was a better option than lying around at home.. Nick was also under the weather but he captained on. 🙂

We started our journey with a short sail down the ICW to Cabbage Key. We left around noon and arrived around 5:00pm. Just in time for happy hour at the Dollar Bar! I wasn’t feeling well at all but I figured a shot of whiskey and some food would do my cold good. We also wanted to check and make sure dollar was were we left it 2 weeks prior. Sure enough, there it was next to our friends Ohana. When we got back to Satori, I decided to make it an early night, I knew we had a long sail the next day and I wanted to enjoy it.

Nick and I woke up at sunrise and I was in really bad shape! He sent me back to bed for more rest. Josh and Jessie were still asleep. Nick pulled the anchor up and put the sails up by himself. Its impressive to me that he can do this and with such ease it seems. As soon as he does all the hard work, our friends wake up. They missed all the fun! But at least our Captain gets some breakfast out of it.

I wake up in the late morning and started to feel human again. I laid around a lot and tried to rest. After all, I had to go to work the next day, yikes! We had a nice relaxing sail from Cabbage Key to our home dock in St. Pete. It took about 13 hours. We lounged, fished, made food, played with dolphins, and threw in couple of Facebook Live feeds while we were at it. Those were a little rough, it was our first time and none of us had a clue what we were doing. It was fun though.

As the sun was setting, we had a Conch blowing ceremony. I did not participate because I figured no one would want my cold germs! Nick dressed as the captain that he is with a special surprise underneath his coat. (hint hint….speedo!) Leave it to Nick to take the fun to the next level, always. 🙂

Stay tuned as we prep Satori and get ourselves ready to be full time cruisers!

Ep. 8 – Halfway Home (Sailing Satori)

After a fun week holding up in Key West (tough, I know), it was time to head back north. In this leg of the trip, Fort Myers Beach is the destination. Nick, with the help of his Brother and nephew who just happened to be vacationing in South Florida, sail Satori overnight to Fort Myers Beach. Nicks nephew Kagan, Trumpet player for the University of Wisconsin Badgers Marching band, show off his skills in an epic conch blowing session. It’s a long motor sail into the wind, but that’s better then ass kicking the whole way.

After a little tour of Fort Myers Beach, Kelly and new crew arrive for the final leg of the trip… in the next episode. Enjoy!

Thank you so much for taking the time to watch. Lotta love, Nick, Kelly and Arthur

Ep. 7 – KEY WEST layover (Sailing Satori)

After being trapped in The Dry Tortuga’s due to weather, we finally saw an opportunity to skirt over to Key West. We left at sunrise and due to the weather conditions, we expected to be in Key West in 12 hours. The seas were still a little rough but nothing like the previous day. It was still too risky to go out on the deck so Nick and I stayed in the cockpit for the whole sail. We took naps, talked about anything and everything, ate pasta salad that we had made a couple days before, and enjoyed each other’s company. I had many “K.R.T.” moments which you will learn translates to “Kelly Random Thoughts.” If you know me then you know this is something that happens frequently and on a daily basis. Call it my artistic brain making strange connections between random things and I blurt it out! It makes Nick laugh while giving me a crazy “where did that come from look!” It’s par for the course when you and I are in a conversation.

When we made the turn into Key West Harbor, we heard one of our friends “2nd Unit” calling Tow Boat US. Unfortunately their fuel filter was clogged and they were unable to use their motor. They got to Key West around midnight and we pulled in around 10:00pm. Ohana was shortly behind us and rafted up with us in the City Dock. We all freshened up a bit and went to Duval Street. The main objective was to head to Irish Kevin’s but we stopped at Sloppy Joe’s to check out the band. It’s always a great time there! We finally made it to Irish Kevin’s and it did not disappoint. Dwayne (one of Ohana’s crew members) bought us all Irish Car Bombs. As you can see in the video, it didn’t go down so easy for me. When I tried to finish it, it was like paste! That was my first one so I call it a rooky mistake haha! As we started to head back to the boat, there it stood…the ultimate street food, Pete’s Meats! After a couple of drinks, there is nothing that tastes better.

The next day, I had a flight at 6:00pm. That gave us time to have some brunch then hang out at Dante’s poolside bar for the afternoon. We sipped on margaritas and enjoyed the sunny day. When I got in the cab, I literally had tears in my eyes, I didn’t want to leave! The trip had proven to be one of the most memorable of my life. I realized at that moment how lucky I was and how much I looked forward to starting our cruising life.

After I left, Nick is forced to make a tough decision about how he gets home. His brother and family happened to be vacationing in Fort Myers Beach so they could easily could hop on the Key West Express. However, Ohana and 2nd Unit were leaving the next day and Nick could sail solo along side them. I didn’t like that idea because he would have to keep watch all night by himself! We talked about it and he decided to go with the first idea. I also gathered a few friends to make the drive down with me so we could sail back to St. Pete with him. Nick’s brother and nephew met him in Key West. They hung out for the day and left the next morning. The sail to Ft. Myers Beach is 24 hours.

Stay tuned for the next episode to see Nick’s 24 hour sail with his family while myself and friends meet him down in FMB!