A Night on RUM and CROOKED Seas! S2:E11 (Sailing Satori)

We leave George Town to make the run to Turks and Caicos. Our friends from Florida and Minnesota are renting a house there so we decided it would be amazing if we could show up and surprise them! We planned it out and it will take 4 sails to arrive safely. This is the first 1/2 of our journey. Things get gnarly in the end!

Swimming with Mermaids & A Wet Ride to Georgetown (Sailing Satori) S2:E10

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/k-D0fj4zg40″ frameborder=”0″ allow=”autoplay; encrypted-media” allowfullscreen></iframe>

We’re headed to Georgetown, in weather that we normally wouldn’t sail in. My Abuelo passed away and I had to fly back to the states. You know the saying….”when you’re on a schedule, that’s when sh*t happens!” And its almost always been true. However we make it safely and find a mermaid along the way.

Pig Beach & Thunderball Grotto – Bahamas (Sailing Satori) S2:E9

We take cover from more heavy winds in Bitter Guana Cay. This is a little island about 2 miles south of Staniel Cay. Of course we had to take a dinghy ride over to the Big Majors to see the piggies! We got soaked riding against the waves but flew with the waves going back to Satori. We also got a chance to act like James Bond and snorkle Thunderball Grotto!


Winter in the Tropics? (Sailing Satori) S2:E8

We made it to Warderick Wells to wait out high winds that would last for a few days. It got up into the 40 knot range! We take advantage of a short window and made a jump to Staniel Cay. Kelly was freezing in the 70 degree weather!

We Ran Aground! (Sailing Satori) S2:E6

As we settle into our new anchorage in Saddle Cay, we run into a bit of trouble. We set our anchor during slack tide and didn’t realize how shallow the water was close to Satori. As we enjoy some “play time” on the beach, Satori quickly drifts over to shallow side and we run aground! After trying to figure out a plan of action, the tide slowly brought us back to deeper water and our Mantus reset like a champ. It was much less of big deal then we thought it was going to be. This was a lesson for us and we were so happy it was in the best conditions possible. 🙂

Hot White Beaches! (Sailing Satori) S2:E5

We depart Nassau and head to the Exumas. We sailed the whole way! After arriving in Highbourne Cay, we enjoy a day at the beach exploring with King Arthur and we make new friends with pink iguanas. After the super yacht shared their delicious Kobe beef hotdogs with us, we take a dinghy ride over to the SW side of HIghbourne Cay for some snorkeling. Nick caught his first fish on a spear, yeah! As weather become rough, we left for Saddle Cay which was a short 2 hour trip. The water was crystal clear…amazing!

Lots of Love,
Nick, Kelly, and Arthur