OTH: ABANDON SHIP! Second Chance to Outrun a Hurricane (Sailing Satori)


Sailing S/V Second Chance – www.facebook.com/sailingsecondchance

While in Ft. Myers Beach, we ran across a beached sailboat. The story behind how it got there is nothing short of AMAZING! The crew of SV Second Chance provided interview footage as well as water level footage of pulling their home off of the beach. We were able to catch the whole thing from the drone. What a story!!!

Ep. 16 – It’s all FUN until a Hurricane comes…(Sailing Satori)

As we wait out Hurricane season in Fort Myers, we get comfortable with our new “cruising” lives. After our friend Chase leaves, we settle in to our new schedule. Which includes eating healthy, exercising, and of course boat projects! As we’re about to leave for the FL Keys, Hurricane Irma tracks right for us! Join us on this roller coaster of a month in Ft. Myers Beach.

Ep. 15 – FIRE in the Hull! (Sailing Satori)

Our cruising life has officially started and we have quite the interesting trip to Fort Myers Beach! It started out uneventful and quickly turned to one thing after the other.. We kept a positive attitude and sailed on. Join us on this 4 day journey! 🙂