We Ran Aground! (Sailing Satori) S2:E6

As we settle into our new anchorage in Saddle Cay, we run into a bit of trouble. We set our anchor during slack tide and didn’t realize how shallow the water was close to Satori. As we enjoy some “play time” on the beach, Satori quickly drifts over to shallow side and we run aground! After trying to figure out a plan of action, the tide slowly brought us back to deeper water and our Mantus reset like a champ. It was much less of big deal then we thought it was going to be. This was a lesson for us and we were so happy it was in the best conditions possible. 🙂

Hot White Beaches! (Sailing Satori) S2:E5

We depart Nassau and head to the Exumas. We sailed the whole way! After arriving in Highbourne Cay, we enjoy a day at the beach exploring with King Arthur and we make new friends with pink iguanas. After the super yacht shared their delicious Kobe beef hotdogs with us, we take a dinghy ride over to the SW side of HIghbourne Cay for some snorkeling. Nick caught his first fish on a spear, yeah! As weather become rough, we left for Saddle Cay which was a short 2 hour trip. The water was crystal clear…amazing!

Lots of Love,
Nick, Kelly, and Arthur

S2E1 – Gulf Stream Crossing! (Sailing Satori)

It’s been a long time coming, but we finally did it… Our first ever international crossing! Sure, it may only be a 10 hour jump to the Bahamas, but this was a huge mile stone for our cruising adventure. In the first episode of season 2, we break free from Florida and cross the Gulf Stream, escorted by ALL of the dolphins, in route to Bimini. Bimini is beautiful, but with strong weather coming, we quickly cast off so we can safely arrive in Nassau before the high winds arrive.​