The 5 Best Beaches You’ve Never Heard Of

/The 5 Best Beaches You’ve Never Heard Of

The 5 Best Beaches You’ve Never Heard Of

We finally made it to Culebra! It was on our list of stops but we didn’t have time to stop last year. Culebra is part of the Spanish Virgin Islands however it’s an extension of Puerto Rico. It is similar in the land structure and the color of the water to the USVI’s and the BVI’s.

The trip to Culebra from Salinas was about 12 hours. We got lucky this time around, the weather was decent (for sailing East) and our fuel problems seemed to be solved! All in all, it was a nice sail. We motor sailed most of the way but there were a few hours we were able to turn the engines off.

We arrived in Culebra around mid-day and tucked into the anchorage away from the fetch. Since it is part of Puerto Rico, there was no additional check-in that we had to do. We decided to explore the town and grab a bite to eat onshore. I never feel like cooking after a long passage. 🙂

We originally thought we would only stay a week but that quickly turned into about 3 weeks. There is so much to see and explore in Culebra. We went on several dinghy trips to the East side of the island for some breathtaking snorkeling and Lion Fish hunting! Lion Fish are delicious by the way! Perfect for Lion Fish bites are fish tacos.

We also rented a jeep for 2 days because there are so many spots you can’t get to by boat or dinghy. The first day we explored with our friends Jenny and Steve. We were in the car all day just driving to different beaches. We even took the jeep off-road and found Tortuga Beach. I’m not going to lie, the ride there was a little sketchy. We were literally inches away from the edge of a cliff! The view was worth it. And in true Satroi-Archipelago fashion, we ended our day with a pizza dinner. Yum!

The next day, we rode around with our friends Ben and Dominique. We went to 2 different beaches that required a sporty hike to get there. Arthur had a blast as he loves to hike. He is quite the adventure dog! It’s impressive watching his tiny legs jump on big rocks and trek through muddy terrain. After hiking 2 trails and swimming until the sun was setting, we all worked up a big appetite. We decided to grab a beer and burger at one of the local restaurants in town. It did not disappoint. The food in Culebra is worth going out for.

Staying in Culebra for a solid 3 weeks also gave us time to catch up on editing. It’s always difficult when you’re constantly moving. Not to mention, the service in Culebra is excellent.

Stay tuned for our next video where we explore Flamenco Beach and the beautiful island of Culebrita.

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